Journey Beyond Limits!

Trekking across New Zealand to give some special people the chance to pursue their dreams too!

Too often young people with "disabilities" are given limitations based on what others believe they are able to do. Too often others define them with a label, and ignore the person behind. Too often they are blamed for the special needs they require and are asked to sit on the side lines because they are an inconvenience to include. Too often these stigmas prevent young people from pursing their dreams because others have made them believe they are impossible. I have had epilepsy my entire life. I have personally experienced all of the above, but because of the many positive supports I have had in my life--people telling me to ignore the confinements others put on me--I have been able to develop the courage to pursue many of my loves and dreams, even if there are complications for me that others do not have to deal with. One of these loves is long distance hiking and my wife and I are living a long time dream of hiking across New Zealand to let you know that you are bound by nothing but your own will and courage to pursue what others may say you cannot.

  Only YOU set the limits of what you can accomplish!